The Documentary Forum

CCNY Center for Film, Journalism, and Interactive Media


The Documentary Forum at CCNY is a new center dedicated to supporting and encouraging the creation, exhibition, and study of documentary film, journalism, and non-fiction visual story-telling through multi-platform media. The Forum aims to build a bridge between the college’s media-making community, the Harlem community in which it resides, and a growing international online audience. The Documentary Forum exists to foster, produce and study media-making that incorporates students, faculty, alumni and the Harlem community into the global documentary conversation.

The Documentary Forum is born out of a passion for crafting intelligent and nuanced stories that enrich the cultural landscape with the voices and visions of a diverse society. Documentary sits at the nexus of the arts, the humanities, the sciences and the social sciences. It is an invaluable vehicle for understanding the complexities of a wide array of intellectual domains, for reflecting on the human condition, and for creating a more culturally informed, engaged, and integrated citizenry.

In an era of expanding commercial use of the Internet and consolidation of media ownership, the promotion of the documentary genre, with its fundamental tenets of freedom of expression and public access to information, is essential to preserving an open and informed society.

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